My Vacation At National Gallery Museum

A few days ago, me and my soulmate spent our holiday at National Gallery Museum, near National Monument. In the morning, around 9, we went by motorcycle until Citayam’s Station, and then we took train to went to Jakarta.

Our next destination was Gondangdia’s Station, and after our arrival there, we continued our journey by foot. Jakarta’s heat reached its peak at that time, and it was making us all sweat. My honey kept on mumbling about the heat, the distant, the thirst etc, but she still looked adorable to me. I was trying to cheer her up, and finally she quit complaining about stuffs. It was true the distant was quite far, and also there was no trees to cover us from sunlight. I need to bring my sunblock sometime, ehe.

But when National Gallery Museum’s building seen by us, we became happy so much.

On there, we saw some people stood in line for something we didn’t know what. And because of that, we try to not to cared about it. We explored all the area and then we found some amazing mural. I took a lot of photos, stood so gorgeously in front of that mural, ehe. Sometimes, I’m not the ‘selfie’ guy, but the other times, I took more than fifty selfies at once, ehe… ehe…

Because we found nothing else but mural, we were questioning ourselves, where is the exhibition exactly?

And the answer was in the reason why people stood in line in front of door made by glass. The exhibition was in there.

There were a lot of ‘dedek-dedek gemesh’ when we were joining the line. And it was little bit awkward to stood among them because me and my honey are no teenager anymore, ehe. The atmosphere in there was not as quiet as I expected. Infact, it was a bit noisy.

And honestly, National Gallery Museum’s collections were BEYOND WONDERFUL! From a lot of drawing there, my favorite is Meraba Diri by Ivan Sagita.

meraba diri

I’m so happy but i don’t know what to write anymore, maybe it’s what the called “writer’s block”, ehe. Thank you for your companion, feel free to correct my mistakes. Xxx.


It takes some time to me to find an idea to write this thing. Oh my god, the prompt this time just so hard to excecute. Ehe.


5 thoughts on “My Vacation At National Gallery Museum”

    1. Thank you for reading this ‘thing’ lol. I really appreciate it even tho this ‘thing’ only wasting your times because you get nothing. I even dont know what is the main point here.
      Awkay, so i know that i made a right choice to bolded them. Ehe.
      I dont know, maybe its souch funnier to write them in prokem than english slang, “chicks”, am i right?
      I really wish you can enjoy my writing in the future. :))) Thank you to sharing things on twitter too

  1. Hallo salam kenal yaa. Well.. i sure hope you’d write more of your next trip and looking forward to reading more of English posts from you. Be sure to participate on the next BEC Challenge 😉

    1. Salam kenal jugaa. Glad to know that you liked to enjoy my writing, that means so much. *cry
      I love english so much, and BEC is awsem af! Cant wait for the next prompt ehe.

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