What Is Your Word For 2016?


For me, it’s read.

Why? Because, since last year, there were so much things happened to Irfan Rizky’s life. Started from got fired from work, got soulmate, joined in such writing community named Monday Flash Fiction, until got participated in some writing competitions. And those are things that make me want to read and always want to read.

Because got fired means I have a lot of time to read. Trust me, when I say a lot, it means A LOT. And I got a such a bookworm, nerdie, most ah-dorable soulmate that I ever have (love ya bey, :* we will wait Intelegensi Embun Pagi in such sweetest togetherness, won’t we?). And the most ah-some writing community, mondayflashfiction.com, y’all guys rock!!!

And with all those reasons, this year I’m going to read lotsa books.

By the way, i have set a target to read at least 100 books this year, ehe ehe. I mean, the target is just a target. I don’t wanna push myself or make me in such a hurry, because that will reduce my enjoyment toward reading.

And this is a list about books that i had read until now.

  • Filosofi Kopi
  • Jakarta Undercover : Sex ‘n the city
  • Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy

And I have been read Jakarta Undercover 2 : Karnaval Malam.

Oh yeah, this is my first writing to englishfriday.wordpress.com. Hope you’ll enjoy this absurd thingy and I wish this is reviewable to all my beloved Grammar Nazi. XOXO


Bogor, January 17th 2016


6 thoughts on “What Is Your Word For 2016?”

  1. Wooow! You’re the first one to beat my goal and by doubling it! I only intend to read 50! Good luck with the challenge! Reading sure is fun! 🙂

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